High Court To Hear Akuapem Poloo’s Appeal On Wednesday, April 21

Rosemond, through her lawyer, Mr. Andy Vortia, has also filed a substantive appeal against her sentence. Rosemond was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court after she pleaded guilty to the offenses. She admitted to posting the nude picture with her son unintentionally.

The court sentenced Rosemond to 90 days each on all three counts of charges. It said the pictures attracted comments, that the behavior of the accused person undermined the dignity of her seven-year-old son, among others. The prosecution said the picture attracted comments that the woman was naked in front of you because this is how naked I was, giving birth to you, giving. birth to. you, so in. you were, and giving birth in. another person’s privacy or integrity and engaging in domestic violence, the court said.

The case was heard on Wednesday, April 21, at Criminal Court One (High Court One) in Accra, Ghana. The actress was remanded into police custody to undergo a pregnancy test ahead of sentencing. She was also charged with the publication of obscene materials, engaging in. domestic violence, and making threats to harm a child. The matter was referred to the Director of Child Rights International Ghana. The prosecution held that Rosemond deliberately posted the pictures.

Source: Scoop-Gh