Technology has been with us since Adam- IT Lecturer

The maiden edition of Blockcode, a tech talk conversation on Kyzz 89.7 FM was aired on Wednesday (21-04-21).

The program which airs this and every Wednesday was hosted by Kwame Baah saw an assistant IT Lecturer at the Ghana Communication University, Adam Shaibu appears as a resource person.

The IT lecturer argued on the maiden Blockcode program that technology has been with us since Adam and whether or not we like it, technology will continue to be with us.

The use of donkeys to cartloads, doves to convey information amongst others which were recorded in the ancient days were technological knowledge and technique.

Consequently, technology was here to stay to make life easier.

Considering the importance of technology, the Ghana Communication University Lecturer told the host and listeners of the blockcode program that technological knowledge plus technological technique has always ended in the technological products.

” When we use the idea, apply various technique will yield the technological product”.

And one thing he made listeners understand was the fact that technology should be science base.

“Anything that will stand the test of time needs to be backed by science” adding ” our life we live today is as results of scientific knowledge people acquire”.

PIC: Adam Shaibu ( extreme right) and host Kwame Baah

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